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In July 2004, we established the first provincial-level engineering technology research center in Xishan district—Jiangsu province magnetic material and appliance technology research center.

With a complex of 1382 square meters, the R&D center has a lots of state-of-the-art machines for magnetic material research. The center hired 44 full-time researchers and 52 part-time researchers, which include 3 PhDs and 8 masters. What's more, the center also invites 5 visiting researchers from industrial experts and scholars for technological discussion and development, mainly focusing on the application of soft magnetic ferrites.

Integrating the huge market demands, all these brilliant employees work together, with the assistance of a comprehensive range of instruments and machines, studying the design circuit of large-power lithium battery charger and digital infrared remote-control adjustable voltage stabilizer. Moreover, our future plans and projects are about nanocomposites, nano-crystalline soft magnetic materials, nano-crystalline soft magnetic alloy and its application, nano-additives improving ferrite property, soft magnetic ferrite film technology and appliance, microwave ferrite material and its development, etc.

To date, the research center has established cooperation with many famous universities, such as University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Anhui University of Technology, Changshu Institute of Technology, etc. what's more, the center is also a practice and training base for Department of Physics of Nanjing University, School of Micro-Electronics and Solid-State of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Department of Physics of Lanzhou University.

For further communications and exchanges with peers, we visited some famous companies and talked about technological issues as follows:
1. Panasonic (Japan): Absorbing materials for electromagnetic interference, application and technical requirements.
2. Delta (Shanghai): High-frequency power application
3. LSE (Taiwan): High-frequency materials application
4. BOSCH and Siemens (Germany): Plate type Ferrite Core
5. Premo group (Spain) and Yada (U.S.): Power supply
6. Philips (Netherlands): Anti-electromagnetic interference

In this research center, Spinel has undertaken two provincial-level science and technology support projects, many municipal-level science and technology support projects. All projects have passed the examination and have received good recognition. In recent years, our company has totally applied for 84 patents for inventions and model utility, among which 37 patents are approved, including 16 patents for invention.
Thanks to the establishment of Jiangsu province magnetic material and appliance technology research center, Spinel has acquired the first-class knowledge and technology in magnetic material research, technique improvement and quality control, able to better service various large-scale manufactures both at home and abroad.