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Manufacture Strength

Spinel purchased all soft magnetic ferrite manufacture equipment from trusted foreign and domestic suppliers for the high integration, reliability and precision. In the actual manufacture, the complete array of machines realizes automated upgrade and high efficiency, ensuring the product quality and production cycle.

Our high-efficiency production lines and machines include:

Magnetic Material Production Line
In-house developed, the Magnetic Material Production Line is a product involving our 40 years of experience and expertise in magnetic materials. The advanced line achieves accurate electronic weighing, automatic conveying and centralized control. The produced powders are known for precise formula and excellent formability. In comparison to other powder manufacturing methods, the dry-type production is much safer, more environmental and more energy-saving. The material utility is more than 90% and the daily production is at least 30 tons.

Pressing Machines
We own more than 80 sets of various-tonnage Pressing Machines, including a 200-tonage press, an 100-tonage press, 10 sets of 60-tonnage press and many other 50-tonnage and smaller-scale Pressing Machines. The main processing machines are introduced from Japan TAMAGAWA and Taiwan for their high working efficiency and stable performance. All of these Pressing Machines enjoy high accuracy, reliability and adjustment, able to product different-shape soft magnetic ferrites.

Not only that, we also equipped over 1,200 pairs of molds to complete the order quickly and satisfy customer's requirements as many as possible. Currently, the line achieves a daily production of 3 million pcs and a monthly production of 100 million pcs.

Sintering Line (Tunnel Kilns with Nitrogen Protection)
Our company has built up 2 sets of 8-workstation bell-type sintering furnaces and 1 set of 4-workstation bell-type sintering furnace. The sintering system provides short cycle, excellent properties, good size control and flexible production arrangement.

Aside from modern sintering furnaces, we also established 10 nitrogen protection kilns, totaling 19 channels. Based on the research achievements on soft magnetic ferrites, we collaborated with famous kiln manufacturer and carried out several significant technological improvements on nitrogen protection kilns. It brought about incredible upgrades in energy-saving, working efficiency and production. Now, all nitrogen protection kilns and bell-type sintering furnaces have a daily yield of over 30 tons.

Grinding Machines
We brought in more than 20 sets of grinding machines from Japan and Taiwan to do grinding on multiple sides and meet different requirements, with high precision and high efficiency. What's more, the multi-head grinding machine has an ultra-high efficiency and well matches with the previous processing step.

Sorting Procedure
The last program is sorting. Many manufacturers in the industry still adopt manual sorting, which causes serious impact on product quality control and delivery time. Fortunately, Spinel has abandoned this sorting method and developed automatic size sorting machines and vision sorting machines. As a result, the efficiency and product quality are greatly improved. The fully-automatic vision sorting machine is able to sort 120 pieces of Ferrite Core every minute and guarantees 100% quality.

Accurate Delivery Time Control
Delivery on time is a promise to customers. It shows not only our integrity but also the manufacture capability. In order to complete the order quickly, besides complete hardware facilities, we implement flow line production and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system. The MES system helps us to achieve lean production, digital production, workshop visualization, kanban management and intelligent manufacture. When receiving an order, the system automatically generates a delivery schedule and performs real-time monitoring over machines, molds, kilns, automatic vision system and more. Additionally, the related technical parameters will be recorded and uploaded for subsequent improvement and updates.