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Through decades of hard work and careful exploration, we manage to become a reliable supplier of soft magnetic ferrites.

In 1976, we found a magnetic material manufacture factory in Wuxi city.


In 1989, the Jingshi magnetic material factory was established. We imported a fully-automatic nitrogen protection kiln from Germany for manufacturing Ferrite Core used in television flyback transformers and switched-mode power supply transformers.


In 1996, we established Wuxi Jingshi Magnetic Electric Device Co., Ltd and expanded our manufacture complex by bringing in a nitrogen protection tunnel kiln.


In August 2002, Wuxi Spinel Magnetic Co., Ltd was founded.


In May 2003, we gained investment of 200 million RMB and start production. In August, we passed ISO9001-2000 certificate.


In 2004, the company actively responded to 863 Program and worked with Wuxi Magnetic Engineering Research Center and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, successfully building up a magnetic engineering research center. In this advanced R&D center, the company followed up the newest trend of magnetic materials and developed a variety of new-type ferrite cores, appropriate for magnetic appliances in many fields.


In 2007, the company was titled as “The Best Manufacturer of Cost-Effective Magnetic Components”


In 2008, the company was approved as a high- and new-tech enterprise.


In 2015, we invested 20 million RMB for expanding the magnetic powder production line, which later realized an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons.


In 2016, Intelligent Factory Program was kicked off. It's estimated that the total investment will be 20 million RMB and the program will be completed in three phases. The first-phase work will be finished at the end of the year. When the entire program is completed, we will achieve lean manufacture and digital manufacture.