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During our 40 years of development and expansion, we keep growing our R&D team and bringing in advanced manufacture machines and various molds. It enables us to manufacture nearly 1,000 kinds of ferrite core and be good at customizing various transformer cores according to client's specific requirements.

A variety of materials and specifications are available, customers can choose the most suitable type according to actual demands.

If you are not sure which type to choose, you can refer to our product catalog and technical parameters and then inform us of your desired type and requirements in your email. We will supply you a sample depending on your demands. After confirming all details and specifications, we will start mass production.

We also have the manufacture capacity to offer tailor-made service. Customers only need to provide product sizes, skeleton drawings and specific property requirements in the email to our technology department. After receiving the email, our engineers will communicate with the customer about product details and finish the internal structure design and send the mold drawing to customer for confirmation. If the customer has special requirements for magnetic materials, customer can tell us about the working environment and intended use, our technology team will help you select the proper material or develop a new material. When all material requirements, parameters and other information are settled down, the production will be start.