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About Us

Soft Ferrite Expert
Established in 1976, Wuxi Wuxi Spinel Co., Ltd. is an experienced researcher and manufacturer of soft magnetic ferrite in China. With a well-respected reputation both at home and abroad, our products are widely applied in a complete range of electronic appliances and devices, such as cellphones, LED displays, televisions, energy-saving lights, kitchen appliances, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaics, charging piles, just to name a few.

40 Years' Experience
After decades of evolvement and innovation, we have established modern facilities of over 200,000 square meters and hired a staff of more than 400 employees. Our company produces 800 tons of Ferrite Core every month and offers over 20 types of magnetic products. To date, we have developed and launched up to 900 models of ferrite cores.

Manufacture Equipment
Our company conducts strict control and management over every production cycle and brought in a comprehensive array of advanced machines and equipment for quality assurance, including 80 pressing machines, 25 Tamagawa rotary tablet presses, 10 Japan imported grinding machines, 2 mirror finish grinding machines and 2 high-precision air gap grinding machines.

Not only that, the manufacture workshop houses 10 fully-automatic nitrogen protection tunnel kilns, 19 tunnels and 3 furnaces. The magnetic powder production line adopts fully-automatic production, realizing an annual production of 10,000 tons.

Testing Center
We own a provincial-level magnetic material and appliance technology research center for new product development, technological improvement and experiments. Considering the huge market demands, we vigorously develop suitable magnetic materials for large-power lithium battery power charger and infrared remote-control adjustable voltage stabilizer.

Currently, we own totally 20 sorting lines and many automatic machines, leading to ultra-high cost efficiency. Our goal is to realize fully-automatic production in 2017 and to bring highest possible quality Ferrite Core to our most valued customers.

Main Customers